‘Very superstitious, writing’s on the wall’ sang music legend Stevie Wonder.

He’s a bery insightful song writer because how right he was as, talking of walls, superstition in house terms is something that is certainly bad luck for some home owners.

If you live at number 13, your property is worth 4.11% less than the equivalent home along the street. £6,500 lower, says new research from property website FindaProperty.

And it’s not just value that suffers as the result of home hunters’ triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13. It seems that the house between numbers 11 and 15 is less popular to buyers full stop, with 144,789 ‘number thirteens’ selling in the past ten years compared to 239,716 ’12s’ and 222,127 ’14s’. That may be partly because house builders don’t include ’13s’ in their developments any longer as they have long since known the effect of ‘cursing’ a house or flat with an unlucky number on its door.

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