Online Growth

Nov 24, 2011

Our particular sector of the estate agency industry (low costs, low fees and maximum advertising exposure) is still a well kept secret, accounting for around 3% of property instructions in the UK.

But online property firms are growing in number against a backdrop of almost 10% of all High Street estate agency offices having closed since 2008, according to Ordnance Survey. A market where transactional volumes are HALF what they were in 2007, is responsible for cutting the fat out, so to speak.

When Easy Jet launched in 1995 with one aircraft, travellers viewed their low fares as unsustainable and with suspicion in so far as whether they would actually arrive at their destination at all, having paid out just £24.99 to Madrid or a tenner to Paris. But a few years on, booking your flight online is not just simple and convenient, it’s second nature. Low cost air travel has opened up European destinations to all of us and has absolutely changed the culture of travel. Easy Jet now own 170 planes and turnover £3 BILLION annually. Ryan Air similarly.

40% of all books in the UK are now purchased online. And it’s rare to see a High Street insurance brokers any more.

You get the picture. is well into it’s second year and since January alone has seen growth in new business of 263%.

It’s plane (Sic) to see where estate agency is going.

Majorca for twenty quid or selling your house for a fee of £295? It’s all the same thing.