We are being told in increasing number by potential selling clients that other online estate agents are becoming experts at something that we are not.

This, you might imagine, should alarm us. However, the opposite is true.

Because the aspects of our competitors expertise is to be adept at adding costs to your listing. It’s what we have previously coined ‘Ryanairification’ and it’s becoming more and more rife in our sector of the industry.

One internet estate agent that we came across charges an additional fee for photographs. Most others if not all, charge a renewal fee at 6 or 12 months into your marketing if they have not sold your property.

And recently, we were told of a new online agent that charges extra to ‘co-ordinate your sale to a conclusion’ once an offer has been accepted.

For the record, Emoov charge a one off, all encompassing fee. No additional admin/photo/sales chasing charges.

Seller beware! Choose your agent carefully…

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