Estate Agents Fees

Jan 25, 2012

secret agent

A new estate agency comparison site has surveyed 250 property firms and reveals that selling fees are not only high at an average of 1.8% of sale price but that, tellingly, the vast majority of agents refuse to disclose their costs over the ‘phone or in response to email enquiries, says iPostCode.

They must be ashamed of them, one assumes?

In fact, rather than being embarrassed at charging a typical £4000 in commission on the typical house price, traditional estate agents hide their costs because they don’t want to scare you off, preferring to get ‘face to face’ to extol the virtues of their service so that they can close you into signing a long, long agency contract which will be littered with penalty clauses and one way notice periods.

Some agents display their fees LOUD AND PROUD on their websites like this .

Why wouldn’t you? Unless you were being dodgy of course.