Rightmove have contacted us today to tell us that search activity on the Rightmove site was up 19% this January on last.

That’s a phenomenal increase year on year and is testimony to two facts.

Firstly, more and more people are looking online for their next property rather than relying on old fashioned methods such as window gazing or trawling around dozens of estate agents’ offices.

And secondly that with the recent absence of buyers, this fresh hike in activity by potential purchasers in scouting the market on Rightmove bodes very well for a better 2012.

Economic concerns notwithstanding, there are many people that simply have to move, whether they be buyers or sellers. But a significant number that also may have waited in the wings to see what the market does. Given that there has been no crash in prices, just an adjustment, many purchasers are tired of that waiting.

Are things on the up?

They certainly are here with new business increasing by 538% last month compared to January 2011. But we’re not representative of the ‘offline’ estate agents sector of course which in terms of transaction volumes and branch office numbers is still in decline.

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