…is actually not very much at all. Except for a couple of things.

High Street agents are all pretty similar. They advertise in the same, limited places, have offices in enclaves together and share the same antiquated opening hours.

They’ll all have similar ways of doing business. Just as always. And, all importantly, they have a common aim which is to try to charge home sellers the most that they possibly can although they won’t quote you a fee over the ‘phone, insisting on popping round to have a look at your house in order to evaluate its ‘saleability’. This, friends, is the pitching opportunity of course.

So there’s a metaphoric fag paper between the good and the bad ones. Many will trumpet awards and ‘board presence’ as a reason to use their services. ‘Established since 1784’ and a ‘network of national offices’ or similar accolades will also figure highly as strap lines on many an ad.

But in reality, you may as well shut your eyes and stick a pin in a page torn from the yellow pages. Because they are all similar enough not to make any difference, in reality.

Their fees, although unjustifiable of course, will vary from the high to the ridiculous. And when gathering a few to ‘value’ your home you will end up simply choosing the person that you like the most. Agents know this of course, and are trained to compliment your wallpaper and your azaleas in order to get on your good side. The really sneaky ones will flatter you with over-optimistic ‘valuation’ figures just to get you on their books before advising you to drop your prices when you receive little or no interest.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Low cost estate agents Emoov won’t put a foot in your door to sign your life away as part of any ‘lock in’. Fees are transparent and displayed rather proudly on our website. And as to what we do and where we advertise, again that could not be plainer or more transparent.

No small print. No bamboozling.

Sign up. Get listed on 300 different property websites. Save thousands.

So we were wrong. There IS a difference between estate agents. Some, at least.

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