Emoov.co.uk hit a massive milestone this week. One that continues to prove our concept and something that we are very proud to have achieved so early in our existence.

We’ve just passed the £1m point in estate agents fee savings. That’s £1,000,000 that would otherwise have stuffed the pockets of a good few traditional, expensive High Street agents.

Since Emoov launched in 2010 we have grown and grown. We doubled in size twice last year in business volume terms and have done so again this year already. We are now one of the two largest online estate agents in the country by a significant margin. The best value and with the longest opening hours. No ‘renewal fees’ like so many others charge a few months down the line either.

Our average fee saving per client to date is £4614.00. The equivalent of a very nice holiday, a decent used car or a not inconsequential sum towards the improvement of our customers’ next homes. It’s a lot of money.

And it is also such a significant amount as to truly demonstrate the success of our business concept. A stack of tenners £1,000,000 high is enough to convince most people that something is worth looking at we think.

No doubt our High Street peers will continue to cross the road when we walk towards them. We can live with that. Our conscience is clear.

Clearer than theirs probably.

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