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We harp on a lot about the progress that the property industry is making thanks to low cost online estate agents.

The change in business model that the internet has allowed, even dictated, to property firms, is similar to other businesses such as insurance, travel, banking and retail, albeit that estate agency is much later to the party. These industries have grasped everything that the world wide web can throw at it. Think LastMinute.com; Expedia; GoCompare; First Direct; Wonga; Ocado etc etc

But talk of such advances had the Emoov team reminiscing about ‘old times’ recently. We have a pretty broad range of ages at Emoov Towers and some of our younger ones brought it home to us that the world is changing very rapidly indeed.

In an impromptu chat across the office on Thursday it quickly became clear that not everyone remembers the days not so long ago of letting your fingers do the walking to find a decent car insurance quote each year. ‘Our Lauren’, at the tender age of 21 knows nothing other than going online to ‘Go Compare’ or Direct Line. She’s positively gob smacked that their was once a plethora of insurance brokers’ shops along each High Street that people would simply HAVE to visit in order to get quotes.

Emma, at 23, cannot begin to imagine how the world coped without mobile phones, ‘apps’ and email on the go. Learning that Russell (44) had a ‘phone the size and weight of a gold ingot’ back in 1990 brought on spasms of hilarity. And then so did news of the cost of getting one, £800 back then.

Callum wonders at ‘the point of stamps’. Natalie simply will not accept that there were once just four (or even three) TV channels and that at gone 11pm it didn’t show any more programmes. The test card? Something to do with poker, surely?

Life before Facebook? Soon, a generation will be upon us that instantly thinks that ‘liking’ things is a mouse click, not an emotion.

The point of all this? Things are changing incredibly fast. So fast that within a few short years maybe selling your house via a shop in the High Street in exchange for a big fee, equivalent to the cost of a tropical holiday or a good second hand car, will be an urban myth that surely will be laughed off as some kind of joke?

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