happy buyers

It’s become obvious to property sellers that choosing to sell their property via an online estate agent is financially very sensible. Saving a typical £3000 when moving home is quite the incentive.

With such a chunk of money safely kept from the wallets of the local propertyati, this saving can be put to proper use.

You might decide to hold out for the often overly optimistic price that the gaggle of estate agent ‘valuers’ flattered you with when they visited you. But you might wait a long time.

Instead, many canny sellers decide to drop the price of their house by the amount that they have not paid in High Street agency fees. This results in a keener, more competitive price and a better chance of selling. It might just be the difference between selling or not, especially if you have little equity to play with.

The seller sells and the buyer bags a property at a slightly better price. Win, win.

Online estate agents like us are doing their little bit to keep the UK property market moving.

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