Barclays have proven to be very naughty in that they have manipulated LIBOR, the actual interest rate that domestic banks use as a benchmark with which to lend money to each other and to customers.

But are we really surprised?

BREAKING NEWS: Bankers are in it for themselves and might, on occasion, be a bit unethical? Similar perhaps to revelations that estate agents lie about phantom buyers and provide over optimistic valuations. These morsels of reality are a fact of life and always have been.

So the bankers will get a media kicking for a while, just like 2008 all over again. And from the very media that are in the spotlight themselves over ethics and morals. The irony….!

We shouldn’t belittle the importance of the outcry over the latest banking scandal. But at least it’s great news for High Street estate agents as, whilst our bankers and journalists continue to be chastised for being the lowest of the low, estate agents are now only the third most despised profession in the world.

A short lived respite though probably.

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