bob diamond home1

Bob Diamond has fallen on his wallet this morning and made a swift bounce for the exit of Barclays.

Jobless now and unlikely to find many banks likely to want to employ him for a while, he will have to make do with a severance package that is likely to be the next cause of controversy. The cash and shares that he will be thrown out with are bound to be yet more salt in the wounds of ordinary folk that become ever more bewildered by the murky world of casino banking that ensures no apparent losers amongst its inner circle of participants.

Seemingly, putting your bank’s money on black and it coming up red simply gives rise to an opportunity to manipulate the roulette wheel itself. If things go awry and the bank looks to be cleaned out, Governments will promptly sling a few billion pounds of public money at them so that they can get straight back to it unhindered.

As this is a property blog, we’ll bring you news that newly unemployed Bob Diamond is unlikely to be too hard up for somewhere to take refuge in the wake of achieving greatness in the hit parade of ‘World’s Most Hated’. He owns an apartment overlooking New York’s Central Park recently marketed for £30m and a £4m mansion in Nantucket, an island off the New England coast and which, intriguingly, is registered in his wife Jennifer’s name.

He no longer has his Kensington town house though sadly. He sold it in 2008 trousering a £15m profit.

Given their ill-gotten wealth, one wonders why the bankers are not made to bail themselves out…?

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