It’s official! are the UK’s best online estate agent.

During 2012 we have become the fastest growing estate agent by volume, reaching almost 1000 properties for sale in a very short time.

In March, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors stated that the average member estate agent has a 23% proportion of stock sold. However, our sold success is greater, proof that the Emoov concept really works.

We’re not just about low selling fees though. We’re about an efficient and effective means of selling any property, wherever it is, and at a selling fee that is ten times less than High Street estate agents.

In July 2012 renowned independent review website published its latest findings on genuine customer feedback on estate agents from around the country. There are currently some 23,140 reviews posted on their site and which provide an aggregate score on the performance of thousands of estate agents. It’s a compelling insight into what home sellers actually think and blows away the bluff and bluster of agents’ marketing spin.

The latest figures published in July 2012 show that are the best estate agent of all online estate agents for customer satisfaction.

In fact of all 16,748 estate agents in Great Britain Emoov are within the top HALF percent of all.

You may be considering an internet estate agent but are concerned about which one to use.

Don’t be 🙂

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