We love the fact that London is hosting the Olympics.

It’s the pinnacle of patriotism and the legacy for both sport and for the regeneration of the area around the Olympic village is a truly wonderful thing.

Team GB will, we hope, receive a boost from the home advantage too. 50 medals? We reckon so.

But there’s a big but.

The marketing agencies of every restaurant chain, soft drink and chocolate bar have gone in to their own marathon mode in promoting their various brands under the topical banner of the games. Gold this, silver that. ‘Sports Performance Anti-Dandruff Shampoo’; ‘Olympian Dog Food’, you get the gist.

If there were a band wagon jumping event, property PR copywriters with their ‘Top ten Olympic rental locations’ and ‘Stratford house prices boost’ articles, would set world records.

With the games just a few short days away the sporting associations with every product and journalistic piece imaginable, are becoming as tiresome as a G4S job application.

But notwithstanding the gold medalling cliches abound, here’s to a fab Olympics and to a clutch of domestic successes.

We’re certainly looking forward to all of those properties nearby to the action that are anticipated as being marketed soon after the event finishes. It will be interesting to discover if the Olympic legacy also applies to  east London property prices thereafter.

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