It’s Hull. And that’s official.

Recent research has analysed the top 50 UK locations for average salaries versus local house prices in order to calculate an ‘affordability index’. Clever stuff!

Hull, as Britain’s newly declared best value housing hot spot, has house prices that are relatively low but average salaries that are in comparative terms, quite high. The earnings to house price ratio is just 1:1.77. So says the data from, the job and property website, 98% of Hull homes are within financial reach of the local population. The data assumes a standard joint mortgage salary multiple of 2.75 x and a 25% deposit.

It will come as little surprise to learn that the UK’s least affordable town is in the south east. However, it’s not London as you might have expected.

In fact Guildford is the least affordable place to live with only 25% of its homes affordable to the average resident. Indeed buying the typical Guildford home requires a salary multiple of nearly seven fold.

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