The housing market has been dreary for the past few years, especially for those looking to sell. However, market prices seem to be on the mend so if you’re itching to sell your house check out these quick tips first to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Clean, Clean, Clean

This tip may seem like common sense but when I say clean I don’t just mean running a wet cloth across your kitchen counter. I mean it’s time to whip out your rubber gloves and the bleach. If you don’t have the time to do a complete and thorough scrub down of your home don’t hesitate to call in a cleaning service.

2. Finish Your DIY

If you have any unfinished projects now is the time to get them done. Any work the buyer has to put into fixing anything up or making repairs will need to be taken off your asking price.

4. Colour Me Happy

Everyone is different and we all like/dislike various things, including paint colours. While you may love your neon pink kitchen, a potential buyer might not. You don’t want to risk losing a buyer because of a coat of paint so before you put your house on the market I suggest painting your house in neutral colours.

5. Call in the Pros

If you think there might be a better way to present your home but don’t exactly have a flair for interior design then call a home stager. A home stager is someone that comes into your house and decides how it could best be set up in order to entice the most buyers.


6. Spread the Word

Even if you’re planning on using an agent to sell your home don’t forget to sell it to the people you know as well. Ask around if anyone you know might know someone else who might be looking for a place. The internet is a great resource, use it! Post your ad with some pictures on your Facebook or make a short marketing video and post it on YouTube.


7. Get the Right Agent

Nowadays most people are going online whenever they are looking for anything, and that includes houses. According to Rightmove 95% of all property searches now happen online, so why would you pay exponentially more money to have someone try to sell your home the old way? Going with an online real estate company like Emoov is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to reach the highest number of people and sell your house quickly.


8. Find Your Target Audience

Know who is likely to move into your home and market your home to them. If you have a snazzy apartment that would be perfect for some recent uni graduates then mention how near it is to some nice bars or cheap restaurants. If, on the other hand you are selling a 2 story, 4 bedroom house then you should probably target families and emphasise how safe and friendly the neighbourhood is.

9. A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

A brochure is a great idea and the perfect first step towards selling your house. You want to get it out there and have the pictures of your home draw people in and make them want to see the real thing. Certain estate agents will provide the photographer and include the fee in your overall package.

If you’re struggling to sell your house quickly or are simply overwhelmed by the whole process, why not check out our fixed fee pricing plans and let us help you? Through us your property will be registered on numerous sites and therefore gain an incredible amount of exposure. Call us now and give yourself the best chance at selling your home.

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