I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to fall off a log? It really is very easy.

Simply find a log that is of adequate robustness to allow you to stand upon it.

Place one leg on top of the log and then, whilst maintaining your balance, place your other leg on the log also.

Maintain your stance for a couple of seconds and then tip your body to one side so that your centre of gravity shifts.

As you fall from the log, allow your leg to step to the floor so that your fall is mitigated.

Letting a property is much the same.

Take some pictures. Upload them to Rightmove and wait for the phone to ring.

Arrange a viewing appointment, show the person around the property and repeat as necessary. You’ll generally find that in the current market, once or twice is enough.

Reference the tenant. Prepare documents for signature. Hand over keys.

Yesterday, we listed a two bedroom house in Brentwood for £1050 per month. The ad was published on Rightmove in the morning.

Today, just 24 hours later, we have introduced a tenant that wishes to move in. They have passed the referencing process, the same process that High Street letting agents use.

The fee for our efforts? £249 plus vat.

Our local competitors’ fee for the same effort? £1050 plus vat.

Go figure, as they say….

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