Courtesy of the Halifax, the ten best and worst towns have been identified as far as house prices in 2012 are concerned.

Southend-on-Sea was the top performer with a 14.8% increase in home values this year.

Ironically, Grays, was tenth worst with a DECLINE of 7.3% (its residents will no doubt be well jel of its Essex neighbour).

Craigavon was bottom of the heap with a drop of 18.4%.

Here is the top ten:

Southend On Sea up 14.8%
Basingstoke up 14.7%
Rochester up 13.3%
St Albans up 13.0%
Dartford up 13.0%
Lowestoft up 12.7%
Durham up 12.6%
Gillingham up 12.4%
Uxbridge up 11.7%

And the bottom ten:

Craigavon -18.4%

Wishaw -12.5%

Chorley -9.4%

Carlisle -9.3%

Wirral -9.3%

Hamilton -8.9%

Ayr -8.2%

Inverness -7.9%

Bury -7.4%

Grays -7.3%

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