Counterfeit Websites

Dec 30, 2012


Whenever something is worth copying, people do.

Fake Rolex watches, knock off trainers, even snide iPhones. Bought in good faith only to fall to bits as soon as you use them.

The simple rule when it comes to working out what is the genuine article is to ask ‘Does the quality stand up to scrutiny?’ and ‘Is this too good to be true?’.

It is a criminal offence to peddle counterfeit products, punishable by a £5000 fine and/or a six month prison sentence.

We only wish that such deterrents applied to those that set up websites pretending to be the genuine company. Because, whilst imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it’s deceptive for individuals to try to pass themselves of as by manipulatin our brand name and hoodwinking the public into believing that they are the real Unsuspecting home sellers will find out too late and only after they have handed over their money. are now entering their fourth year and enjoy a market leading position amongst online estate agents. We are proud to have listed 2000 properties for sale this year and have saved the house selling public over £2million in estate agency fees in comparison to the High Street.

Do look out for imitations. And if you get caught out and need advice, email us at

We’ll assist you with all the help and advice possible and you’ll add to an evidence base that will ultimately contribute to closing down copy-cat sites that are pretending to be, saving future property owners from wasting their money on fake goods.