Every estate agent, mortgage firm and property commentator and their respective dogs get caught up in predicting ‘the year ahead’ around about now.

It’s a fools errand. But it allows a few banks and ‘experts’ some column inches at an otherwise quiet time for property news.

What will the weather be like this July?

How high or low will the FTSE go by year end?

Will a politician be caught telling the truth in 2013?

Who will be the next ‘actor’ to leave TOWIE to further their ‘career’?

You see, like all of these compelling conundrums, to prophecise on the twists and turns of the UK housing market many months ahead is impossible. And therefore pointless.

So we shan’t bother.

One thing is for sure though. More and more home sellers are turning their backs on traditional estate agents in favour of internet estate agents that do the same job for a whole lot less. We registered over 11,500 potential buyers and arranged 8500 viewing appointments in 2012.  We sold properties to the value of £117 million.

Will this year will be the biggest yet for Emoov? That’s one prediction we’re happy to make.

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