Save Money Selling Property Online

Feb 9, 2013

Here’s an example of  property that we sold recently in Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire that was priced at £760,000. It was previously on the market with two consecutive local agents but who were unsuccessful in finding a decent buyer.

10k fee saving

We’ve found a buyer who has now had survey done. Solicitors are instructed and an exchange of contracts is set.

The agency fee that the owner, Mr Goodwin, saved was over £14,000. This is based on the average UK selling fee of 1.6% of sale price plus vat versus our fee of just £395 plus vat regardless of property value.

So, to be clear, we’ve sold this property when others could not and we’ve saved the owner enough money to buy a new family car.

Now this is just one example of the 500 to 600 properties that we sell each year. The combined estate agency fee saving from those transactions exceeds £2 million.

Better in your pocket that an estate agent’s, surely?

To add a little perspective to what we do, in January we registered 1423 new potential buyers to add to our register of over 15,000 people.

We arranged 1114 viewings and listed 148 new properties for sale.

In total, we received 134 offers to purchase properties that we are currently marketing for sale. That’s a potential fee saving of £510,000 based upon typical fees and prices.

£395 plus vat to sell your home. It’s bonkers but it works!