Seriously. Trust an estate agent? You’ve got to be kidding….

Not according to Ipsos MORI who have just published their latest poll on the UK’s most trusted professions.

Since anyone can ever remember, estate agents have dragged along the bottom of such ‘highest rated’ surveys. Property pushers have traditionally been seen as untrustworthy, inefficient and ineffective whilst charging the equivalent of an hourly rate that would make even the most unashamed lawyers blush.

But now, seemingly, estate agents have crawled above politicians in the trusted stakes with 24% of people believing that the former can be relied upon and just 18% believing the same of the latter.

And politicians aren’t the only ones to suffer at the hands of your local property spivs. Journalists and bankers are deemed lower in the pecking order of professions now.

It’s fair to say that the MORI report may not have uncovered a new found love for those adorned in shiny suits and hair gel. But may simply reflect a rapidly decreasing tolerance of the political class, bankers and those that report on them.

With doctors entrusted by 89% of people, estate agents have rather a way to go before they can claim to be so warmly embraced.

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