Confessions of an Estate Agent

Apr 21, 2013

Not Perfect

I have to admit something…

We make mistakes.

On occasion, but thankfully not often, we get something wrong. We make an error. We mess up.

But whilst I have fought and fought to make us perfect, I now realise that perfection is impossible to attain. Indeed if there is a perfect company in all the world then we are yet to come across it. is made up of people. Human beings that are fallible. And humans can every now and again be responsible for, well, human error. The components that go in to selling a property are numerous and the time between first marketing and moving day may span many months. The board going up, the photos, the floor plan, viewings (arranging them, no shows, late notice etc), feedback, offers, chasing the lawyers, dealing with problem buyers, dealing with problem sellers, the mortgage offer being published, the completion date, stresses up and down the chain….

We don’t get many complaints at Emoov, despite dealing with over 1000 sellers and thousands of potential buyers at any one time. But when we do it hits us hard and that’s because we care about what we do and how we are perceived. I, in particular, really take criticism to heart. Our business is, after all, the baby that I conceived, fed and stayed up late with. Still do.

Just this week, we have had a couple of grumbles. A lady that wanted to view a house whom we addressed as Mrs when she is a Miss (she let us have it in no uncertain terms). A house in Surrey that we produced a floor plan for and that showed a bedroom which had a measurement included at 10’1″ when the actual measurement is 10’4″. (When we amended it, for a few hours we inadvertently altered the measurement from a different bedroom. Our mistake entirely but we put it right today, a Sunday.)

Once in a blue moon our assessors, on an off day, might take a photo that the client doesn’t like. They’ve been known to be ill too or their car to break down once in 100 appointments or so.

Perhaps, very seldom, we might take a little while to call you back if we are very, very busy on a Monday morning say.

These are all things that wrangle us if we make a faux pas. They matter. We kick ourselves, especially if our customer blows their top, even if a bit disproportionately.

So we will still aim to be 100% and to please all of the people all of the time.

But if, for a smidgeon, we should fumble the ball and perform at 95%, or even 90%, then we’re truly sorry and we’ll work hard and fast to remedy things. Always.

Such honesty from an estate agent? Let’s hope it catches on.

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