Record Growth

Apr 27, 2013 continues to see impressive growth, demonstrated this month with a BIG milestone being overtaken which, in our early days of formation, seemed very elusive indeed.

We’re increasingly breaking records month on month for sales, number of offers, new instructions, speed of sale and so on. In May last year we broke the 150 new instructions level, a cause for much celebration at the time. And then we did it again in August.

Several monthly performance since have seen us flirt with surpassing this level again and we have been enticingly close many times.

So it’s been a real achievement to smash this threshold in March 2013 with 171 new listings.

But wait….. April is set to beat that too!

As I write this, has achieved 211 new instructions so far this month, a 23% increase on last month’s record! And we still have four days to go until month end.

Is online estate agency catching on?

You bet!

RQ emoov Aug 12 3