The Fame Game

May 1, 2013

In our job, you never know who your next caller will be.

Emoov: Hello, this is Emma at Emoov.  How may I help you today?

caller: I’d like to list my house with Emoov low cost online estate agents.

Emoov: Super!  Let me just get a few details.  What’s your name?

caller: Steve McQueen

Emoov: <<stunned silence>>

Now that this point, Emma’s trying to figure out if the caller is THE Steve McQueen.  But she knows he doesn’t live in the UK.  He doesn’t have a British accent.  He’s not even alive anymore.

So no, must be Steve McQueen’s namesake.

Steve McQueen

We deal with celebrity clients on a regular basis and are pretty unfazed with talking with famous folks.  But we must admit that when we first spoke to these namesakes, it brought a smile to our faces:

At Emoov, we treat all our clients like celebrities, regardless of your name.  Give us a call today on 0333 300 2526 and let us prove it to you.