Being a traditional estate agent is arguably the UK’s most contemptuous profession.  Not only is it one of the few industries not to be formally regulated, but for years the British public has been fleeced by traditional estate agents charging an extortionate and unnecessary 1-2 per cent plus vat commission for simply selling their home.  That means that on a house worth £250,000, the average estate agent makes £4,000 in commission. is a new breed of low cost online estate agent though who only charge its clients a one-off fee of £395 plus vat.  They offer a full estate agency service but for a fraction of the cost.  Founder Russell Quirk believes that “British homeowners have put up with the rising fees of the traditional estate agents for too long and that it’s time for agents to be straight with them”.  In light of this have put together the very first Estate Agent Jargon Translator to help you see through the usual hogwash:

Emoov Estate Agent Jargon Translator
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