We’re continuing to go from strength to strength with growth of 63% in the last three months.  Over 300 homes were listed during May alone.

Emoov founder, Russell Quirk says

Emoov is on course to save UK home owners over £3m in estate agent commission fees in 2013 and we’ve already saved customers over £6m in the three years since our launch

It’s amazing in light of this growth to know that there are still a lot of sellers who are not aware that there’s an alternative to high street estate agents.

We recently hired Ipsos Mori to conduct a poll on our behalf.  The results show that over half (53%) of Britons are not aware that an alternative to traditional high street estate agents exists.  However, once made aware, most said they would use an online agent to save fees.

Emoov Ipsos Mori poll


Russell adds,

The fact that high street estate agents are still able to get away with charging extortionate commission fees, when almost all property searches now start online, is beyond me and illustrates that more needs to be done to raise awareness and to bring the entire industry into the 21st century.

The commission structure estate agents use hasn’t changed in decades and has resulted in huge hikes in income for estate agents as house prices have risen, despite recession and boom and bust in the property market, so it’s about time something came along to upset the accepted status quo.

What’s been your experience of selling your home?  Did you use a traditional agent or join the online revolution?


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