This Online Estate Agent is Not for Turning!

Aug 12, 2013

We’ve received a letter from Hamptons, a Countrywide subsidiary, asking us to take down a testimonial from a happy Emoov client.  In fact, this very quote is the one that seems offensive to them:

Hamptons quote

Now, we’re not sure what’s got their goat 😉 but there’s no chance that we’ll be removing a genuine (and factual) comment from a satisifed vendor.   It’s been very interesting to watch the conversation thread on the article that Estate Agent Today published (“Hamptons threatens online agent with legal action over testimonial“) to see other industry professionals backing us up.

Traditional estate agents are waking up to the fact that online estate agents can list and sell homes for a fraction of the cost of the fees that clients have been used to paying.  And they’re worried.  And they should be.

Consumers are embracing the ease and convenience the Internet is bringing to a host of “traditional” services  – insurance, banking, anyone?  And we’re proud to be at the forefront of this industry shakeup.