Emoov.co.uk Smashes October National House Sales Average

Nov 4, 2013

 increase in sales

House sales are booming at Emoov.co.uk and are far outperforming the average UK estate agent.

There’s a definite bounce to the UK property market of late. Prices are firming in most areas, activity is up and even the traditional housing doomsters are coming across all enthusiastic. The media is in positive mode too as a healthy market seems to be back in their favour for the first time since way back in 2006.

Our sales figures more than reflect this buoyancy. And we’re actually outperforming traditional estate agents in a  BIG way.

How can we be so sure? Well, each month the nation’s largest sign board contractor, Agency Express, publishes it’s performance figures that relate to the number of boards erected and, importantly, the ratio between for sales boards and solds month to month. They erect thousands upon thousands of signs for estate agents each week and provide a big sample of data.

The latest numbers from Agency Express portray a ‘robust’ picture this year so far with month on month increases in national sales activity of 4.5% typically.

However this October saw a surprising drop in homes sold of 4% on September across Britain, their statistics say.

In contrast, Emoov.co.uk achieved its best sales month ever recording a jump of 42.6% on the previous month. A phenomenal leap.

This is such a hike that our Directors had to double check the numbers to make sure we hadn’t made a mistake. As a means of ensuring transparency September saw us confirm 75 sales. In October we agreed 107. The client fee saving was a whisker under £500,000.  For the number crunchers, this latest performance is a whopping 54% of properties sold versus properties listed, an unrivalled rate.

Seasonal downturn? Not at Emoov Towers where it’s still warm and sunny to say the least!

So how do we achieve this trend against the grain? Well, we wouldn’t want to give too many of our secrets away but suffice to say that it helps that we list on all of the UK’s main property portals and have far greater than average accessibility with SEVEN DAY PER WEEK opening. We have a team of FANTASTIC, knowledgeable staff too.

But there are some other rather important factors also, which you’ll just have to sign up with us to discover at first hand 🙂


Here’s the full Agency Express report http://www.agencyexpress.co.uk/property-activity-index/october-2013-sales/