Steps To Ensure Your Home Will Sell In Winter

Nov 13, 2013

Alaska. A traditional Inupiat Eskimo igloo four miles south of Nome.

Curb appeal and the presentation of the inside of your home are as crucial when selling in the winter as in the spring and summer months. Winter weather can be bleak, so making your home look cosy, warm and inviting is the best way to make it appeal to potential buyers.

First impressions matter when it comes to selling your property, say Zoopla, the property portal. That first impact starts at the main entrance of the property, so in order to win the buyer’s attention, it should be clean of leaves, snow and ice.

Since the outside of your house will be the first thing that buyers see, you could also plant frost-resistant plants in the garden that will look great in cold weather. Your home will be even more welcoming in the eyes of potential buyers if the front door is decorated with a seasonal wreath to provide an inviting tone from the beginning.

To make the buyer feel even more comfortable, turn the heat up a degree warmer than usual. A roaring fire can also work wonders – if you happen to have one, get it going before buyers arrive to give your home an ambiance of winter-warming cosiness.

Decorations are also a good bet, which – combined with track lighting to sparkle throughout the festive season – will also make your home stand out as shiny and welcoming in the dreary winter months.

It’s amazing how little touches make a huge difference especially in a market that currently shows huge promise in being far more buoyant than usual.

Will you be using any of these tactics to win over potential buyers?