What Makes A Landlord “Great” In A Tenant’s Eyes?

Nov 20, 2013


What makes an ideal landlord? A recent study gauging tenants’ opinion suggests that being easy to contact is what they value most, something identified as “essential” or “very important” by 95% of respondents.

This has emerged in a poll among 720 tenants conducted by letting agency Upad.co.uk. The research comes at a time when the government is planning to tighten regulations over the private rented market by launching a code of practice and a draft Tenant’s Charter. The results suggest that, as a whole, the perfect landlord is one who can solve problems fast, notify tenants before entering a property, consult with them about when repairs are due to be carried out, and stay in touch during the entire tenancy period.

For 88% of tenants taking part in the survey, it is important that the rented unit they occupy is well-maintained, while 89% consider that before their landlord starts any upgrades to the property, he/she should always discuss the timings of repairs with them.

Another 37% of respondents said they would expect their landlord to provide advance notice (usually 24 hours) before entering the rental premises.

What makes a bad landlord? Tenants identified one who complains about repairs costs or feels too precious about their former home. Another irritation for tenants is when they are charged additional admin fees, and when their landlord equips the house with too much cheap furniture.

Do any of these or positive or negative traits ring true with you?