3 Industries Experiencing An Internet Revolution

Jan 22, 2014



Every now and again, an industry undergoes a change in model in which the customer becomes champion through a restoration of fairness and an ease of use.

This is happening with more and more frequency in the digital age, with the removal of the need for the physical space (e.g. the high-street shop) which was once the centre of commerce for B2C businesses.

This process has cut the costs significantly while enabling entrepreneurs to offer the same product or service for a fraction of the price. The key: transferring the process of ‘business to customer’ from the physical to the digital space, all while offering a better service.

Many sectors, most notably the travel and music sectors, have moved to the digital space, with other sectors soon to follow:






With the rise of the internet, came ease of access to the programmes you wanted to watch, when you wanted to watch them.  People were no longer willing to be dictated to by advertising and the thought of having to watch a program at a time dictated by a television producer. This has led to the rise of the “smart television” and streaming services such as Netflix are subsequently gaining popularity.

Television stations have to offer more and more “on demand” services if they are to keep up with free online alternatives such as You Tube or paid streaming services such as Netflix.


Financial Payments




Financial payments are set to become fully digitised over the next decade. Most likely, smart phones will be equipped with a chip that connects to an online payment system, allowing customers to scan their device and immediately pay for an item using a near field communication system.

Google have launched such a system known as the Google Wallet which has been met with varied reviews. However, once such technology is widely accepted and trusted, expect wallets to be replaced with a digital alternative, with payments made quickly and easily through phone applications.


Estate Agency




In online estate agency, we see a pattern emerging similar to the start of a digital revolution within other industries (think the travel agency several years ago).

Emoov cover the whole of the UK from one location and the economy of scale we benefit from this- we pass on to the customers. The removal of rental costs for high-street shop fronts allow online estate agents to keep the price significantly lower. We do the SAME JOB as a traditional agent but with savings of up to 90%.

Estate agency has long been a sector with which the public have been dissatisfied. Now, thanks to online estate agency, the customer finally has another option. We are registered members of the Property Ombudsman Scheme with customer service being paramount to business- a completely new approach to estate agency.