James Caan- Why I Invested in Emoov.co.uk

Feb 5, 2014

James Caan

Online estate agency is a business model which has great potential. In December of last year, I invested in https://www.emoov.co.uk – the UK’s largest online estate agent. The Brentwood based online business is quickly emerging as a genuine alternative to high-street estate agency- a sector which has been ripe for disruption for many years.

When Emoov was first brought to my attention, the immediate comparison that came to mind was that of the high-street travel agents/insurance agents and the disruption that has occurred in those sectors over the last decade.

The scalability of Emoov combined with the enthusiasm and passion of Russell and his team is why I invest in entrepreneurs who believe in what they do.

The online estate agency started out as a small SME, operating from Russell’s home. The journey from an idea and a domain name to a business with great potential for growth has been a speedy one for Emoov. I believe that the company has the ability to change how the consumer perceives this sector. The business model works, with 4,720 properties already registered since the company’s foundation.

The Emoov team are customer service obsessed and knowledgeable of the fact that they are playing an integral part of putting the power back in the hands of the consumer.

From the moment I met Russell I could tell he was determined to deliver a consumer friendly, low-cost estate agency service which treats customers with integrity and transparency.

Our technology team are also working tirelessly to make sure every stage of the automation process is flawless, ensuring doing business with Emoov is an effortless experience.

HBRE have built a stellar team of non-execs who demonstrate world class experience in tech, marketing, business and property, forming a solid foundation for growth.

I look forward to aiding Emoov’s growth and watching the business develop and mature with the help of Russell’s talented team and the all-star Emoov board of Ivan Ramirez, Jonathan Galore, and Sheraz Dar, as well as HBRE Co-Founder and Managing Director Faisal Butt.

Thank you,

James Caan