Faisal Butt: 7 Quotes to Keep You Stress Free While Selling Your Home

Feb 11, 2014


We believe that the strain of a house sale should not be extended to your pocket. Selling one home and moving to another can be an extremely stressful time in which no extra strains are needed. That is why the Emoov team have spent several months working tirelessly to digitise the estate agency sector, removing as much hassle and expense as we can from the process.

We have envisioned a system in which you can effortlessly sell your home online and incur fees that are 90% less then you pay on the high-street. We’ve realised that by saving you thousands on your agency fees, you can bolster your decorating budget, helping to turn that new house into the home you’ve been day dreaming about.

We are obsessed a service that is fast, easy and effective – so you can concentrate on all the things that really matter during your house move, like sorting out your childrens’ schooling, calculating your travel time, and last but not least, decorating your family home.

If you are moving home at the moment or are thinking about selling, here are some quotes that will help you to make this important transition a bit more enjoyable.








At Emoov, we want to make the home selling process fun, emotive, and memorable.  After all, we are home owners ourselves, have been through the same process you’re going through, and have decided we want the world to be just a little bit different.  We hope you enjoy our quotes and decide that this year, you will do things a bit differently too.


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