How To Conduct Viewings?- Guest Blog by the Homeowners Alliance

Mar 25, 2014


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How to conduct viewings?


The internet has transformed the way we buy and sell property. But we’re not just talking about the online property portals. People are increasingly turning their backs on high street estate agents, opting instead to use online estate agents to sell their property for a more competitive fee. And many people want to be in control of selling their own home because they know it best.


While some on-line estate agents will arrange and conduct viewings for you, most may arrange the viewings but expect you to conduct them yourself.


Here are some tips to ensure your viewings run smoothly:


Prepare the property                                   


    • When people are viewing a property they imagine themselves living there. Try to de-clutter your home and get it looking the best it can



    • First appearances can count for a lot.  As well as being well presented, invest in getting those odd jobs done, like the broken front gate or replacing the doorbell batteries, to ensure the best first impression possible



    • Make sure you feel safe during the viewing. When arranging the appointment with your online agent ask them to give you names of the people attending. Tell someone – a neighbour or friend – that you are doing the viewing and consider calling them when the viewing is all done. Alternatively you could conduct the viewing with a friend of relative



    • Consider holding an open day. This is particularly appealing if you work full time or long hours. Ask your online agent to advertise the date with your property details and arrange all the viewings for the same day



Carrying out the viewing


    • Practice the order you’ll show the rooms of the property in and what features you may want to draw attention to. If you have a willing friend, see if you can show them round the property for any feedback on your presentation skills.



    • Ideally pick the best room in the property and start there with your tour. This creates a good first impression of the property and once you’ve shown them round it’s normally a good idea to finish up in the same room.



    • Most people will want to look around in peace so when showing your potential buyers round try not to talk too much, but if there are particular features you feel are worth highlighting then do mention them.


Make time for the viewers’ questions


    • Interested buyers will usually have several questions afterwards. Try and take your time to answer them and make sure you’re aware of basic information about the property and local area such as the council tax band, average utility bills and any local schools, colleges or amenities that may be of interest.



    • Try and answer all questions as honestly as possible, any attempts to mislead your potential buyer about any undesirable features of the property are illegal.



    • Make sure the viewers know what to do next.  If they want a second viewing do they need to contact you directly or the estate agent? Ensure that they are aware of who to make any offers to and where they should direct any further questions after the appointment is finished.