81% Of House Hunters Seek Property Requiring Very Little Work

Apr 16, 2014

Do you like a project? Or do you look for a house that needs very little work?

Well, a survey conducted on behalf of GoCompare reveals that most people in the UK look for property that needs minimal work (or one where they could preferably move straight into).

The study gathered responses from over 2,000 people, establishing that, despite TV programmes about home renovation and DIY, more than four in five (81%) of house hunters still prefer to buy a house that doesn’t require major upgrades. In addition, one in three respondents said they search only for newly-built property.

People looking to buy a new property were chiefly attracted by the great energy efficiency it offers, with over a third agreeing that new builds are better insulated and cost less to heat. Around 28% of property hunters viewed new property as maintenance-free and 24% said that their modern look was their strongest appeal.

Among respondents ready to buy a house that needs some work, 39% stated they wouldn’t mind involving themselves in a housing project such as an extension. Around a quarter said they would be happy to purchase a house that needs a major improvement.

Asked to choose between new-build or older property, 63% said they prefer to buy older properties, with 48% of them stating this was because they had larger rooms. Another 35% said it was the character and original charms that attracted them to older homes and 15% admitted they simply didn’t want to live in a newly-built house.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to buying a property. What are yours?