10 Things That Devalue Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home? Have you had a property on the market for a while with no takers? There are a lot of things to consider in order to get your house in the best possible position to be sold for a good price, and here are the essential top ten.





First Impressions

1. The Exterior

A potential buyer can be put off immediately if the exterior of the property is unattractive. Make sure your garden is well kept, the windows are clean and there is no litter about. It all helps to create a good impression.

2. The Neighbourhood

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about the area the property is situated in, but you should bare it in mind when selling.

Have a look over the fence and convince your neighbours to smarten up with the offer of a helping hand. It can really help with the impression of the whole street.

3. Neglect

In general, buyers want properties to be in the best possible condition when they buy them, and will be put off by evidence of neglect. If you have peeling wallpaper, chipped paint or any evidence of damp, sort it out before you put your house up for sale.
4. Pets

Your pets may be an asset in your eyes, but potential buyers may see differently. Dogs especially create a smell that can be off-putting, and a lot of pets cause damage to homes, so be sure to fix anything that may have been broken!





5. Quirky Colours

Some colours, such as pastels and white, are pleasing to most. Others are not. If your rooms are a gaudy celebration of primary colours, you may want to think about redecorating for the sake of your potential buyers.

6. Fitted Furnishings

Similarly, not everyone has the same taste in furniture as you. You may love the unique kitchen or bathroom you have installed, but it doesn’t mean everyone else will, so think twice before buying anything too out-there.


7. Carpets Everywhere

Carpets have their place, and that isn’t really in the kitchen or bathroom. A lot of buyers don’t want carpet on a floor that is likely to get messy, as it is much harder to clean than tiles or lino.

8. Too Much Texture

Textured wallpaper and paintwork is, unfortunately, an acquired taste. It is best to provide a blank canvas or a neutral décor in your property so that buyers have the choice of redecorating or leaving the house as it came.





9. Humour Some people just aren’t as funny as you. It is a shame. For that reason, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when people aren’t too thrilled with your TARDIS themed kitchen unit, so think about who you are marketing your property to and hide your personality in the cupboard for the time being.10. Personal Items A lot of us have strange interests and hobbies, but these could potentially put off whoever views your house. You may think antique china dolls are beautiful, but it is probably best not to leave them out to spook your guests.


Article by Rachel Jacquest


Bonus Tips

It is not advisable to leave your property empty for too long, as it could attract unwanted visitors, such as burglars and vandals. Armed with these hints and tips, hopefully you will be able to sell your house no problem!


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