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5 Quick Wins That Add Value To Your Home

Whether you’re looking to smarten up a new development or redecorate your old house before you sell, it’s easy to leave all the minor enhancements you can make to add value to your home. If you’re looking for value for your money, have a look at our list of suggestions that will help you add value quickly.



1. Exterior Enhancements

Maybe we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to buying or renting properties, we tend to do exactly that. No one’s going to be particularly enthused about the interior of your home if the exterior’s looking shabby and dilapidated.

A fresh coat of paint in a pleasing colour that matches the general colour scheme and period of your house will help enormously, as well as replacing old tiles or tidying up a boring garden. Think about some garden furniture as well. If buyers can see its use they’ll be more impressed.

It’s important to consider garage doors, or even the necessity of a garage at all – could it be converted to a simple office/studio? Does the walkway need repaving? Could you add some simple water features to your garden, or add some benches on a deck to show how the space could be used?



2. Overall Decorating Decisions

The two most important things to consider in the interior of a property are space and light. Consider the lighting: does it need replacing or modernising? There’s nothing like a little light to illuminate a room to its best advantage. Replace old bulbs and invest in a new lamp or two, especially if you have any evening viewings.

A fresh coat of paint is also a great way to enhance the interior of your home. Consider brighter colours, especially in the kitchen, bedrooms or bathrooms, as a way to liven up a space. A great way to compromise with a contemporary edge is to paint one wall a deep colour and leave the other walls a neutral white or beige.

With more and more people working from home, you could consider furnishing an office space with a good-looking desk and some cabinet storage space. Make sure things like phone lines and Wi-Fi are up to date or easy to set up too, as these are often among a potential buyer’s major priorities.

The bathroom is a major selling point of a property, so make sure it’s nice and clean. Replace old stained taps or wonky toilet lids, and consider laying out some small colour-coordinated accessories like toothbrush and soap holders. After all, presentation is key. Small things like having a good-sized, decent quality mirror and a handy toilet paper holder installed are all bonuses potential buyers will note down.



3. Minor Interior Improvements

The smaller details can be easy to overlook but often add to the overall positive impression of your home. Things like putting in new curtains or shutters, checking the square footage, adding some wood trim and cornice to your walls or installing mirrors in a cramped hallway to make it look more spacious work really well. Replace an old doorknob or put in a new letterbox, and even consider exchanging an old door for a sturdy one with a strong, secure lock.

Always play up or play down features as it suits your target buyers: is there a parking space, and if not, how close is it to a bus stop or train station? Are there special period features in your home that add character, or interesting history?

If your property is near or placed on a noisy street, high quality glazed windows might especially be of concern to a buyer. Make sure the property is clean and odour-free, and add some flowers or greenery to brighten up a property. Never underestimate the power of nature, as it can instantly transform the atmosphere of a property and make it look warm and inviting.



4. Improve Your Kitchen, Loft or Basement

If you have a loft or basement, it’d be a good idea to clear it out and give it a good scrubbing to play up its potential for transformation. Rather than give the impression that it can only be used for storage, a clear space will let buyers project their own possibilities – be it a converted bar or a relaxing recreation area.

They often say that the kitchen is the heart of the house, with a purported 100% return in investment. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to invest in small aesthetic changes like replacing cabinet doors and buying matching appliances. Don’t clutter the counters, but you can put extra plates, cups and items in the cupboards in an organised way that show the spaces to their best advantage.

What about the dining table and its accompanying chairs? Do they match in colour and design, and do their sizes accommodate the space? If you have a very small kitchen, it may be worthwhile to place your dining table in the sitting room instead, which would also help to suggest alternative ways to utilise the living areas.



5. Mind the Machinery 

Last but not least, it’s worthwhile to consider checking the plumbing and replacing faulty or old wiring, especially in period houses. Modern light switches and outlet covers are especially essential, as well as Wi-Fi capabilities. You might also consider adding a basic alarm system.



Article by Joey Phinn

Bonus Tips

Sometimes, however, all you need is a little fresh paint. If you’re on a low budget, maximise your curb appeal by repainting your front door with a bright, cheery colour or install a fetching gate.


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