How Fixing Those Outstanding DIY Jobs Can Add Value To Your Home

In the face of a stagnant housing market, you really have to show off your house to its full potential if you want a sale. This means one thing – home improvements.

Completing those half-finished DIY jobs can make the place look better. Buyers will be more interested if they think that the property is ready to move into, without having to spend much more money on it. Here are four fairly cheap and simple DIY jobs that can add value to your home.



Image by Bev Sykes


The Bathroom

Bathrooms are refurbished more than any other room in the house and can greatly affect the value. You don’t need to splash out to push up the price tag, though.

Minor, simple updates like replacing dated taps, towel rails, bathroom cabinets and showerheads with more modern pieces will yield more than they cost, and give the room a more stylish and shiny look. New tiling may also be a good idea if it’s not been changed for 20 years


Image by Michael Gray



Giving your walls a fresh lick of paint is a cheap and easy job that anyone can do. And according to Moneywise, it can add an average of £3,100 to the price of a property. In terms of colour, remember that your prospective buyer might not have the same tastes as you. You might like that bright pink wall in the bedroom but they might not, so choose neutral colours.

While you’re at it, tidy up the skirting boards and get rid of that popcorn ceiling if you have one. They went out of fashion a long time ago, and could even contain asbestos.


Image by pcutler



Kerb Appeal 

Estate agents often talk about ‘kerb appeal’, meaning what your property looks like from the outside. It’s easy to underestimate or even forget about the importance of the exterior when selling your house. A number of DIY jobs can boost your home’s kerb appeal: painting the front door, installing outside lights if you don’t already have them, cleaning the windows, trimming greenery, weeding, and clearing the roof and gutters.

Buyers will see your property from the outside before they see it from the inside, so make a good first impression – they want to see somewhere that looks tidy, healthy and welcoming.


Image by Ken Doerr

Article by Joseph Rutter

Bonus Tips

For most buyers, space is more important than the number of rooms. Any extra space that you can add to your property is sure to increase its value. If you don’t fancy forking out for an extension or loft conversion, you could add space by simply knocking down a wall. For example, you could open up the kitchen and dining room, since open-plan kitchens are all the rage these days.

It should be said that before tackling any home improvements yourself, you should do your homework and make sure you know what you’re doing. There’s no better way to decrease the value of your property than shoddy work, so if you’re not confident attempting DIY, get a professional to do it instead. Good luck!


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