Luxury Cars Add Thousands To Property Value, Survey Finds

May 28, 2014

A luxury vehicle parked in front of your property increases your chances of selling it more quickly and getting a better price from the buyer, Avis has revealed in a survey.

The car rental company found that on average, having a “posh” car in the driveway can earn a homeowner an additional £4,300 to their property’s asking price. Homeowners in Wolverhampton were most confident in a vehicle’s power to attract the best price for their house, suggesting that a luxury car parked outside may easily add £6,100 to its value.

Avis’ poll approached 2,000 adults from the UK, with around a third of them agreeing that a flashy car can really contribute to the property selling process. A clear majority (57%) of respondents said they would notice the presence of a posh car parked on the driveway when house viewing. Seeing a top-end model in front of a home would make a third of them conclude that this is a preferred place to live in. Some 27% would be left with the impression that it’s a safe neighbourhood and 17% would decide this property is an attractive one.

It seems that property owners are ready to resort to extreme measures in order to get a better price for their house: over one in ten (12%) admitted that hiring or borrowing a high-end car to park outside is an idea that has crossed their mind. Another 6% said they have hired one in the past in an attempt to make a good first impression with potential buyers.

Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW turned out to be the best vehicles to have on the driveway, the survey also found.

So what impresses you when searching for a new home? A mowed lawn? A freshly-painted front door? Or would a flashy motor seal the deal for you?