Six Home Improving Tips To Get You Out Of Your Home

Sep 5, 2014

With the country experiencing month-on-month rises in property prices, home owners are valuing their properties as high as they ever have. Naturally, sellers will be looking for ways in which they can add further value to their home in a prospering market. If that’s you, this article I came across on the This is Money website might be able to give you some ideas of how to do just that:

1. The benefits of double-glazed windows are twofold. As well as the obvious aesthetic advantages that come with new and plush double-glazed windows, is the less apparent energy saving benefits. Windows often sit proudly in every one of your four walls, so keep away from cheaper alternatives.

2. The ‘fourth utility’. A recent study carried out by Rightmove found that many would-be buyers steer clear of properties without super-fast broadband capabilities. While installation of fibre-optics is out of your hands, fitting satellite broadband isn’t. Don’t underestimated the importance of staying connected.

3. Kerb appeal. Don’t ignore the obvious, as first appearances count. From simply placing some hanging baskets at the front of your property, to rendering unattractive brick – get buyers totting up the property’s plus points from the first minute.

4. No home wants a morning scramble for the bathroom. New-build houses fit two or more bathrooms or en-suites as standard. Some nice touches to your current bathroom – new taps and shower curtain, for example – will also not go unnoticed.

5. Let the summer in. If you’re sitting there in the dark, see if there is a way you can let some light in. Overgrown trees and hedges are a common culprit. Whilst they may give the property an imperial look from the outside, the shelter can prove unwelcome to a chilly living space.

6. If the cold is a real issue, buy a woodburner. While being easy to maintain and energy efficient, they can give your living room that crucial homely feel.