Tips For Selling Your Home This Autumn

Sep 19, 2014

Whether you like it or not, autumn is on its way. The chilly season is lurking in the shadows of this warm, summer weather we are experiencing. If you are planning on selling your home this autumn, have you considered carrying out some basic home improvements to make it stand out amongst its competition? An interesting article I came across on the Forbes website gave a few pointers that I thought I’d share with you.

– With all the golden leaves about to fall, you need to remember to put your rake to good use. It’ll not only look better, but also create a safer walkway for potential buyers.

– Keep an eye on your lawn – the sun may have dried it out so replace any brown patches with fresh turf. The same goes for wilting summer flowers; why not buy some autumn-friendly colourful plants to take their place?

– With leaves falling from the trees, your home will become more exposed to the dissecting eyes of possible buyers. Why not pressure wash the exterior of your home to increase its kerb appeal?

– If you have a fireplace, chances are you haven’t used it much over the summer season. Give it a good clean and make sure it’s free from dust and cobwebs.

– Declutter, but don’t depersonalise. There is a fine line between a house looking messy and nicely lived-in. After all, you want potential buyers to be able envisage living there, and they might not be able to do this in a house that looks like a generic hotel.

These last few days of summer will go in a flash, so make the most of them – but then knuckle down to some home maintenance in order to get a jump start on your autumn house sale.