Best Online Estate Agent Customer Service

Nov 7, 2014

I’ve striven hard, very hard in fact, to build as a business based around an exceptional customer service philosophy.

Many companies, particularly in the property sector, pay lip service to the way that their customers should be cared for. In fact it’s fair to say that, in general, estate agents’ approach to courtesy, efficiency and communications is regarded by the public as somewhat flimsy.

An online business such as ours has a central office but no branch network as such. That’s one of the ways that we deliver fantastic value in our fees representing a fraction of the cost of a high street agent. But it means that we are not as ‘physically visible’ as a local agent and therefore I realised early on that we would have to make damn sure that our customers received a service that was far above the norm so that they would attest to that and consequently be our proof that emoov takes its public engagement very seriously indeed.

The result of this culture that I have embedded within our team from top to bottom is that we can now demonstrate unequivocally that our customer service is exceptional.

At a consistent 96% rating via a number of third part review websites, it’s been a cut above that of high street estate agents for a while. Last year, in the prestigious Awards, we finished third of 52 online estate agents for customer service excellence as judged by our clients versus those of our online rivals.

And so it was with immense pride that it was announced by AllAgents yesterday that this year, 2014, we had WON the gold for Best Online Estate Agency Customer Service and in a sector that has become even more crowded with participants.

I am so immensely proud of our team and their unyielding reflection of my ethos to ensure that customers come first and are kept happy, even at such a stressful and uncertain time as moving home.

Awards like this as achieved this week TRULY show how we operate and that lip service is something for others.

Because we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk too. And we can prove it.

Russell Quirk
Founder & CEO