Sex, Estate Agents Lies and Rock and Roll

Dec 4, 2014

Usually when a traditional estate agent makes the press for negative reasons, it’s due to their over the top fees and under hand tactics.

However Whirlybird Property have landed themselves in hot water with the Advertising Standards Agency over a picture that has been deemed sexist and demeaning to women. It has been defended by the agency as well as Bucks Free Press, who printed the advert, but none the less has been banned.

Likening their add to that of a grand prix event the agencies advert shows six women in very stylish Whirlybird branded bikinis, professional, stood on the back of a yacht with the tag line ‘“Would you like one of the ladies at Whirlybird to value your home?” Now we can’t be sure, but as lovely as the ladies look, we have our suspicions they might not be qualified surveyors.

What we can tell you is, here at Emoov we have a severe lack of bikini clad women and yachts. It’s not due to our lack of success, in fact it’s quite the opposite, as we outperform the majority of traditional estate agents in the sector. Our one off, upfront fees mean you pay us a fraction of the cost of a high street agent, reducing the cost of selling and saving us getting a slap on the wrist from the ASA.

However it’s lovely to see that the thousands of pounds of sales fees being paid out to traditional estate agents like Whirlybird are going to such a worthy cause.