The Emoov Family

Mar 4, 2015

These days you often hear about CEOs broadcasting their views on company culture and staff satisfaction. In September Richard Branson himself grabbed headlines when he made known via his blog, his ‘unlimited holiday entitlement’ policy for staff managing his personal fortune. Of course, it was undoubtedly a PR exercise to solicit interest in his forthcoming book.

The policy was inspired, they say, by an article his daughter Holly had forwarded him about online firm Netflix, who has taken a similar approach. However this entitlement does not apply to the thousands of Virgin staff working indirectly for Branson and one has to wonder what effect the news of such an incentive had to them. The call-centre staff, the air hostesses, the gym receptionists and the many other staff directly responsible for the actual delivery of Virgins great customer service.

I believe that if staff feel valued and trusted within their role, this feeling snowballs and in turn motivates staff to do that job to the best of their ability. Here at ‘Emoov headquarters’ exists a genuinely wonderful ethos that is implemented from the very top and resonates down through senior management to staff dealing directly with our customers.

Our “Employee of the Month” meetings are the perfect opportunity for us all to take a moment and appreciate our colleagues. It is a great feeling to be publicly acknowledged by your peers and it cultivates a ‘happy family’ vibe when you can all be selflessly happy celebrating a fellow worker’s achievements. The winner of the vote, as elected by said colleagues receives a ‘duvet day’ – not quite unlimited holiday entitlement, but something held in high regard by everyone on the team.

One particular example that springs to mind when it comes to feeling part of the Emoov family is when I had been with Emoov a little over a year. I was preparing nervously to action a claim I had put to a small claims court regarding money owed by a previous employer.
Noticing something wasn’t quite right, Russell sat me down and talked it through with me. On learning about my situation he immediately offered to help. Preparing me for my case, Russell then took a whole day out of his busy schedule to accompany me to the court room some 40 miles away.

I won my case and honestly believe I owe this all to Russell. His involvement brought with it an experienced head, a rock in supporting me and someone to confide in.

The support I was shown during one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life was truly humbling. This feeling has manifested into a sense of loyalty to both Russell and Emoov that remains unbreakable to this day. I will never forget listening to the Judge’s verdict with shaking hands and it meant so much to me that I had my current employer next to me showing his support. I came in to work the next day to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a congratulatory card signed by every member of the Emoov staff.

This sort of company culture, enthusiasm and respect for the brand you work for cannot be ‘bought’ with perks, regardless of how fabulous they may initially sound. It is developed by supporting your colleagues, rewarding achievement and inspiring each other to be better. This is the reason we are the best online agent as voted for by you.