Bale to return to the Premier League?

Mar 24, 2015

With much speculation surrounding Gareth Bale and the future of his career in Spain, the inevitable rumour mill of his return to the Premier League has already started turning. The Welsh Whiz kid has had a mixed season, with CR7 throwing his toys out of the pram on at least one occasion, after the reality of sharing his spotlight with a former Tottenham player had sunk in.

But as the frenzied guesswork begins as to what club he might return to, leading online estate agent has lent a helping hand and already began a house hunt for the Madrid star.

The big four in the hat are arguably the biggest four in the league and let’s face it, Bale isn’t likely to re-join Spurs after experiencing the dizzying heights of Madrid. Not to mention he has now had a taste of Champions League football which he will have to forfeit if he moves back to Tottenham.

To Arsenal

Just as unlikely is a move to Arsenal, another London club and more importantly Tottenham’s bitter rivals. This said if Gareth did decide a move to the Emirates was the right one for him, he could do a lot worse than this eight bed detached house in Radlett in Hertfordshire.

With an estimated value of £13m this property offers 13,450 sq ft of bespoke designed features and cutting edge technology, not to mention the mandatory swimming pool.

To Chelsea

If Bale was to return to the capital a more realistic move would be to Chelsea. Although this may still hit hard in the hearts of Spurs fans, the current league leaders must be a tempting proposition for Bale.

Should he do so, Bale could snap up a property in St Georges Hill, one of the most prestigious gated communities in the whole of the UK. A hot bed of high profile names, former residence include such names as Elton John, Cliff Richard, Frank Lampard and potential new team mate John Terry.

For just under £9m Bale could buy a new “super home” to match his superstar status. On a plot of just over an acre this development combines some stunning living spaces with a contemporary Mediterranean feel, offering a mix of entertaining space and family home features.

This luxury five bed boasts a Jacuzzi and swimming pool, cinema room, triple garage for the sport car collection and its own gym.

To Manchester

It wouldn’t be out of the question for Bale to look elsewhere to London upon returning to the Premier League. One very real option, and probably the only other one he would consider, could be a move up North to either the red or blue side of Manchester.
Bale won’t be short of a bit of change to pay his stamp duty tax, but with the Euro weaker than the Pound, a move up North would certainly allow him to save on the price of a property.

This five bed detached property in the most sought after area of Prestbury is on the market for just under £3m, an absolute steal if you’re a footballing sensation. It offers equally impressive grounds for Bale to practice his skills in but at the same time provides the privacy craved by those in the public eye. It boasts not just a swimming pool but a leisure suite, an impressive cinema facility and is situated opposite Prestbury Golf Club should Bale want to practice his short game.

This said £3m might not grab the property headlines and if Bale fancied something a bit more suiting, he could go for this seven bedroom in the prestigious location of Alderley Edge. Settled in 25 acres this property has everything a professional sportsman might need and costs £7.9m, great value for money in comparison to the London market. As well as the usual indoor pool, tennis court and staff cottage, this property includes a library, gym, sauna and refrigerated plunge pool for those after match aches.

Founder and CEO of Emoov Russell Quirk commented “Regardless of where he might choose to return to, football fans all over the UK will welcome the decision and look forward to seeing Bale back in the Barclays Premier League.

I can’t imagine the allure of a cheaper property will be the deciding factor if he does choose to move up North to Manchester, but with changes in stamp duty and the Labour threat of a mansion tax it might be something for him to consider.”