Cricket World Cup Final 2015 – New Zealand V’s Australia

Mar 27, 2015

On Sunday the curtain will fall on another Cricket World Cup, but before it can there’s the small matter of deciding the winner. This year’s final will see the rekindling of an old rivalry, particularly where the sporting world is concerned, as Australia face off against their geographically smaller neighbour New Zealand.

Although fierce, the rivalry between the two nations takes a more sibling like form, compared to say the division in Korea, where the divide has been built on a bitter conflict. Separated only by the Tasman Sea, the two nations share a British colonial heritage and have fought side by side in both World Wars and the Boer War before that. Although Australia dwarfs its little brother in size, with New Zealand around 28 times smaller, the two countries are more equally matched when it comes to the sporting field of battle, particularly if that field is a rugby or cricket pitch.

The final should provide an interesting spectacle. Number one in the ODI rankings and benefiting from home conditions, Australia are the arguable favourites although New Zealand have beaten Australia once already in this tournament . Australia have a strong team of all-rounders, a handful of world class ODI batsmen and a lively attack of fast bowlers in Starc, Johnson and Hazlewood.

Lead by Michael Clarke, another stat against them is the fact that only one host team has ever gone on to win the final. That was Australia’s semi-final opponents India, so after making short work of them the signs are good for the Aussies.

New Zealand could prove a tougher obstacle, in prime form at present, they have a strong set of opening bowlers and an even stronger top order of batsmen in McCullum, Guptill and Williamson.

So while the two countries are of an equal sporting calibre, leading online estate agent has taken a look at how they match up property wise.

Again it is a pretty similar story between the two, as both New Zealand and Australia are amongst some of the most expensive locations in the world when it comes to their property markets.

House prices in Australia’s eight major cities grew by 6.8% over the course of 2014 and the country is ranked as the third most unaffordable major market. While New Zealand has also benefitted from a strong housing market due to the rapid expansion of its economy, it’s extremely expensive given its small population in relation to land mass and interest rates have begun to creep up.

With an average house price of £229,970, £63,442 cheaper than that of Australia (£293,411), New Zealand certainly claims the first wicket. This is also reflected when it comes to property prices in each of the capital cities. In Wellington the average house price is £274,323, where as a property in Sydney will cost you over £100,000 more at £390,443. 33% higher than the national average, Sydney has seen the biggest increase of the eight Australian cities, up 12.2% in 2014.

If this is out of your price range then a one bedroom flat in the city could be more affordable. Rent in New Zealand is just under £200 a month cheaper at £646pm in comparison to Australia’s £835pm. To buy the flat it would cost around £3,840 per a square foot in Australia but the same property would only set you back £2,226 per square foot in New Zealand.

But it’s the top end of the market where New Zealand has taken the middle stump out of the ground. In Australia a six bed, 1500 square metre Mediterranean-style home, featuring lush gardens, three storeys and boasting panoramic harbour views will set you back just over £20 million. But for just £336,470 more you can cop yourself your own private island in New Zealand. The idyllic paradise off the coast of Auckland in the Hauraki Gulf, comes with three sandy beaches, a squash court, golf course and its own private jetty.

So if New Zealand do lose out in the final this weekend, at least they have the accolade of a more appealing property market.