Emoov.co.uk set to astound the property industry with their latest innovative advancement

Mar 31, 2015

Watch the exclusive leaked footage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uv-J12_I_U&feature=youtu.be

When it comes to estate agency, Emoov.co.uk has been digitally disrupting the high street sector since the company’s conception, by founder & CEO Russell Quirk in 2010. They have continued to help drive innovation in the sector with the release of their new and improved digital platform imminent, described by Quirk as “game changing”, so you might forgive them for taking their foot of the gas pedal for just a minute. However this hasn’t been the case and Emoov are in the sign off stage of the creation of a prototype robot, to further revolutionise the customer focussed, property selling experience they offer.

Back in November the Daily Mail ran an article highlighting that a potential 50% of occupations could be redundant within the next decade. Their view that artificial intelligence could advance to the stage whereby it could undertake a number of roles in the workplace may have seemed a bit farfetched. However Emoov don’t seem to think so and, in fact, ten years is clearly too long to wait. Quirk let slip about Emoov’s latest revelation while filming for a documentary about the company last week, taking the opportunity to showcase his newest innovative development.

Determined to further reduce the cost of the property selling process in order to increase the saving passed on to the home owner, Quirk plans to introduce a fleet of robots that will visit UK homes to carry out the otherwise laborious task of producing photographs, measurements and floor plans. Although the programme is in its infancy at present, the footage highlights the company’s intentions to phase out unreliable high street agents even further, by replacing them with high spec, artificially intelligent beings. Quirk believes it is the next step in providing the high level of customer service Emoov.co.uk has become renowned for.

Property expert and founder of Emoov.co.uk Russell Quirk commented:

“The internet has revolutionised how people buy and sell a property and, latterly, has allowed internet based estate agents like Emoov.co.uk, to deliver even greater reliability and value for money. Our robot work force will soon be deployed to tackle the important job of media gathering.

Is this an attack on the high street agent? You could say that, yes. There has been some conjecture around our robot agents going rogue and barging into random house’s, forcing their owners to sell. I can tell you now this is entirely without substance. Probably the work of the same individuals that tried fighting change when we first launched, rather than embracing it. It’s just scaremongering.”

Watch the exclusive leaked footage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uv-J12_I_U&feature=youtu.be