Emoov’s School Performance and Property Price Index has been featured extensively within the media this week. The study highlights the top 50 schools in the country, that offer the best house price in relation to GCSE points achieved by pupils at the school.

The schools were then ranked on which offers the best price per a GCSE point, with three out of the top 10 located in Birmingham. Read the full report here.

The story was featured in:-

The Emoov CEO, Russell Quirk, appeared on London Live television to discuss the results as well as the challenges facing those looking to get a place in a London school catchment area.




Our Head of Media, Stephen Jury, appeared on Share Radio to discuss the findings from our study into affordable property around the best state schools. Listen to Share





The Telegraph ran our study on the top 50 most affordable schools, creating an interactive map charting the locations of all 50 schools in the country. The study was also featured in print in their weekly round-up. Read the Telegraph.




The Independent and Independent i also covered our story on affordable schools in the UK, running the study both in print and online. Read the Independent. 



The weekend after releasing our study into the 50 most affordable schools the study was featured in the Sunday Times in both print and online. Read the Sunday Times



A few weeks later the story was re-run in the Times online and printed in their Bricks and Mortar supplement.

Read the Times

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