Ever wondered what the Simpsons kitchen looks like in real life?

Aug 20, 2015

Fandom can be a funny thing and people around the world have gone to serious lengths to express their love for their favourite band, TV show, brand and more. Perhaps one of the timeless and best loved shows on TV is the Simpsons. Loved by generations the yellow family of five have become iconic, even if they have gone downhill a little later in life.

There have been many tributes to one of America’s favourite families, but this latest one comes from a Calgary couple from Canada. Marcia Andreychuk and her boyfriend Joel Hamilton wanted to renovate their kitchen, but rather than kit it out with all the mod-cons, they decided to dedicate it to their favourite cartoon family.

So they’ve re-created the Simpsons kitchen down to the last detail. Luckily the layout was already similar to that of Marge’s but the couple have mirrored every detail right down to the corn pattern curtains.

We think it’s pretty awesome, check it out.

Simp 1Simp 3Simp 2

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