A wee problem for an Edinburgh estate agent

Sep 3, 2015

Photo-bombing has become somewhat of a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone from camels, to dogs, to random passers-by have seized the opportunity to ruin, or in some cases improve, strangers’ photographs by diving into the background.

But when it comes to your property advert, nothing screams “don’t buy me” more than dodgy electrical work, a toilet in the kitchen or even a pig wandering free around the house. But low and behold we often see photos of properties emerging that show just that!

Many high street agents will employ a junior member of staff to go and compile the photos of your property via their I-Phone. Luckily at Emoov we employ a network of qualified local assessors to do it and offer hand information on how to prepare your house for photos.

But one such agent in Scotland failed to check the photos for an “incredibly elegant and modern” flat in Edinburgh, before posting them online. On the market for £200,000, the penthouse apartment included photographs of its spacious living area, large well lit bedrooms, fully fitted kitchen with all the mod cons, large balcony area, private parking and lift access.

The property photographer appears to have captured a man urinating. Picture: Murray and Currie

However the last picture on the properties advert promoted more than expected. As the agent attempted to show off the balcony area and its panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, they unwittingly snapped a gentleman relieving himself behind a bush. Not the nicest site to wake up to in the morning and most likely a wee put off for buyers in the Scottish capital.